Frequent questions

  • AAHI is an online marketplace for surplus food. At present there are two products for the businesses AAHI Sale and AAHI Fest and one consumer mobile application AAHI Eat, however this is only a beginning of a line of products aiming to reduce food waste.

    1. In AAHI you will find quality food at great discounts
    2. We don’t deliver
    3. Our goal is to avoid or at least reduce food wasting

  • Shops or restaurants only publish offers when they have surplusfood.Mark anoutlet as your favourite in the app and we’ll send you a notification when a new offeris published.

  • Once you have receivedconfirmation that your order is readyyou should go to the food outletand present your unique QR code for yourorder. Alternatively send the code to somebody else who can collect the order on your behalf.

  • Yes. The person collecting will need your order number or secret QR code that is sent to your phone when the order is confirmed.

  • All orders are for take away.However if you would like to eat in, please callthe restaurant or the food outlet and ask —you will find their contact details in the mobile app.

  • Youwillreceive a confirmation once your orderhas been prepared by the outlet. Please wait for this confirmation before visiting the shop. You can also always see the actual status of your order in the app. Make sure that yougive the AAHI apppermission to send you push notifications.

  • Of course! You can either contact us at [email protected] or become an AAHI ambassador (we will publish our proposal soon).

  • We don’t store your credit card details.All payments are processed through —anestablished and secure online payment platform trusted by thousands of businesses all over the world.

Download our AAHI app to your mobile and start saving food!

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