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Why become an AAHI partner?

Increase your income

You may offer any food, that isn't sold during opening hours or needs to be consumed before long, through the AAHI app with a discount. The customer is happy about the nice price and comes to pick his order up, while you make additional money.

Find new customers

Once you become our partner, you'll be given a brand new platform to introduce your business to new customers. AAHI app users become your new target group. Also we will increase the awareness by presenting your business and offers on social media.

Help the planet

Food wasting, at all its stages, poses a global ecological threat. Join and help us to reduce the amounts of good food that becomes garbage, make your contribution to the world.

How does it all work?

Use the portal to record portions of food that probably won’t be sold. Specify the amount, the time of preparation and your discount, then just publish the offer. It will only take a few minutes.

Since that moment, you don’t have to worry about anything, our system is now working for you!

What happens next?

Your customers will choose what they like from the offer’s menu and pay for their order via mobile app.

After that pack the food to go. See If the order has been paid and when the customer comes to pick it up, at the specified time, check that his code matches the order’s code.

It’s easy!

Finally, you mark the order as sold in the system. Done.

Throw away less and make more with AAHI!