Handle orders with your receipt printer

It is very easy to keep track of your incoming orders by combining our partner app with your in-shop (kitchen) receipt printer. Once you paired the app with the printer, every time you accept a new order it will be automatically printed so that your staff can prepare the orders.

At this moment we support a wide range of generic Bluetooth printer as well as more sophisticated Star Microsystems printers. Here is how you can connect your printer to the app:

Bluetooth Printers

To connect a bluetooth printer you usually don't need to pair it with the device in any way. Just navigate to Account -> Printers -> Bluetooth, wait for the app to find your printer, tap it and you are done!

It may require a few extra steps to connect a Star Microsystems printer such as TSP 650 II

Follow these steps:

1) Make sure to disconnect all other devices from the printer you would like to use with AAHI Sell app

2) Push and hold the small button in the back of your printer until the green light starts to flash - you now have 60 seconds to pair your device with it!

3) In your IOS or Android settings navigate to Bluetooth Settings, select your printer from the list of the devices and tap to pair with it

4) Once paired, open AAHI Sell application and navigate to Account -> Printers -> Star Printers, wait for your printer to appear in the list and tap to select it.

5) You are done!

If you have any questions you can call, chat or e-mail us!

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