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AAHI for Business is a cloud-based solution that instantly brings traditional gastro-businesses online. From web ordering to managing customer feedback, your guests will enjoy the unique experience of digital interaction with your restaurant.

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Here is what you get with AAHI

Virtual Waiter that cares.

Customers do not like to wait, and that’s why we have a streamlined online ordering process. It’s very easy to order online, and this translates directly into day-to-day revenue growth. Our Virtual Waiter up-sells and cross-sells far more efficiently than your best employee ever could!

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POS Best Friend

Restaurant owner's best friend, or virtual business partner of sorts.

Stop paying astronomical fees to third-party delivery companies and launch your own channels! The whole customer experience can be tailored to fit your branding: from the prompts on the table to the digital ordering experience. Thanks to our solution, you will decrease operational costs and have the space to focus on delivering an amazing gastronomic experience.

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Listen to your clients before Facebook and Tripadvisor do

In the booming food delivery market, understanding your customers’ needs is the key to building a long-term growth strategy. Solve problems before your customer shares them on their social media pages and instantly share positive customer feedback on yours. Build trust with your customers and earn their loyalty!

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